Marketing Your Act

Your very best marketing tool for any performer is to become a member of either NWCAS or ICAS or better yet BOTH! There is no other networking opportunity that puts you in touch with airshow producers.

You must approach airshows from all angles. Emails, phone calls, mailings, advertising and networking must all be done.

Websites are essential but a bad website can be disastrous. If you are designing your own website be honest at your skills. Make it look professional, have the information needed easy to find, do not have pop-ups. When designing your site remember who you are designing it for, airshow producers. Ask yourself what are they looking for and design it for them.

What sets you apart from the other acts? You must find what is unique about you. Is it the great paint job on the airplane? Is it how you are with the media? Do you have a charity that you work with? Are you great with kids? Look at not just what you fly or how you fly but who you are and what you can offer the show. Most airshow acts are about 10 minutes long, it is what you can offer the show for the other 23 hours and 50 minutes that really matters.

High quality photos are another must have. These are used for print ads and possibly TV ads for the show. The better your pictures the better exposure you will have.

Videos are a very effective marketing tool. Instantly a show can see what you have to offer. Keep them short preferably less than 5 minutes – any more than that and people will start tuning out.

Remember when you do approach shows that you are not only marketing yourself for their next show but also for all shows in years to come. A contact you make this year may payoff for you two to three shows down the line. Do not be discouraged if you are not hired for the show that year.