Who is the Northwest Council of Airshows?

NWCAS is an association of airshow producers, airshow performers and airshow support service providers. NWCAS was created as a regional branch of the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) to allow for better representation of airshow related issues as well as the local arena to promote the interests and advancement of airshows in the Northwest.


What does NWCAS do?

We are committed to a safe, successful future for airshows in the Northwest and throughout the airshow community!

We do this by providing a wealth of industry “best practices”, airshow knowledge, resources and shared experience from our members. NWCAS is an excellent venue for networking with regional resources, military and civilian industry contacts. As a regional branch of ICAS, we can promote local interests and concerns of our members and can express them at international levels.

Looking to present your services to the airshow community? Our annual NWCAS conference is the premier opportunity to showcase your services to our membership.

Why should I become a member?

Whether you are an airshow performer, producer, announcer, air boss or service provider to the airshow industry NWCAS membership will give you to all the resources and contacts necessary to promote your services

Membership Includes:

  • Quarterly Newsletter – our update on news and happenings in the airshow industry
  • NWCAS Mentorship Program – learn best practices and tap into the experience of our many airshow subject experts
  • Connections and introductions to airshow resources and contacts – Use NWCAS to connect you with the resources and providers to promote your show or services
  • Registration to the annual NWCAS Convention – the airshow industry’s rallying point and the single most effective tool for improving your airshow business.
  • Contacts and extensive networking opportunities with the most experienced professionals in the air show community
  • Professional, reliable, informative training courses and seminars designed exclusively to meet your education needs
  • Air show survey and demographic data available to ICAS members only
  • Professional representation on federal regulatory and/or legislative issues
  • Air Show Manuals – a planning aid for new air shows, complete with checklists and sample management documents to help you produce a successful event.

How do I become a member?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in aviation and it’s affordable.

  • Individual Annual Membership – one voting member: $65 USD/CND

To purchase your membership please click on the Membership Application link above or click HERE to download the application form as a PDF.

Membership Application

NWCAS Membership Form (PDF)

Coming Soon: Online Application Form